Your brand goes beyond a logo – it is a promise you make to your customers, a philosophical belief internalized by your organization, and a memorable experience that your customers actually feel.

As a new business, branding is the solid foundation that on which your future marketing initiatives will build upon. Before building a website and designing business cards, you need to define what your true value is to your customer and make them believe it to establish trust, consistency, and cohesive messaging throughout all your future marketing efforts.

Our branding experts will help you develop the right identity for your business to stand out from the competition, with a message that resonates with the right customers. We work with you to create your unique personality and concise directives through extensive research, evaluation, a series of strategy sprints, and creativity.

Do it right the first time. Let our team of creative strategies help guide your new business to success.

a simple, text-based logo

$150 or free with a next-level website

This logo will be made entirely from text and is not a conceptual icon (think the Nike swoosh). We hand-pick font pairings that match your brand and apply a color palette based on your existing logo, or our designers can suggest something entirely new. You will receive 3 options to choose from and are allowed one revision. Please note that this does not include licensing of the chosen fonts outside of the logo and website, meaning we can't provide you with the font files used in the designs. We can, however, apply these to your website in most cases so your branding is consistent through and through.

A custom logo + brand guide


This process starts with a consultation with our design team where we hone in on the voice of your brand. We then create 3 concepts for you to choose from. You are allowed up to 3 rounds of revisions to perfect the winning concept. Once your logo is complete we will provide you with a brand sheet featuring your brand colors, fonts, and more so your branding remains consistent across all additional marketing materials.

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