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How Can You Stand Out in the Holiday Noise?

Your inbox was chalk-full of Black Friday deals for over a week now. Your social media feeds have been inundated with ads, promotions, and good deals. All you can hear over the radio waves in between Christmas tunes is the latest and greatest holiday offer. There’s a lot of noise around this time of year – how can you make sure your business is seen and heard?

Identify an Offer Worth Clicking

There are so many offers floating around right now. You must create an offer that is compelling to your target audience. Think about the biggest hold up when purchasing from you. What is it that customers ask for? Are there complementary services or products you can toss in at minimal cost? Dig deep to find the right offer for your target customers. If you need to, create a couple marketing personas to help guide you in finding the right promotion.

Create Messaging That Sells

Hello, Modern Seller, we’re in the digital age now! Amazon is just a click away, and consumers are now more educated than ever before about their purchases. Did I happen to mention how we’re competing for ad space online?In order to be successful online, you must realize that selling isn’t the objective. Creating a lasting impression that persuades the buyer to purchase from you is the objective. You make a sale, you’ve got a customer for a day. You create an experience, you’ve got a customer for life. Your story is critical to your customer’s purchase decision.

Develop Engaging Content

So you’ve got a great story and compelling offer people are drooling for. How are you going to communicate your message and promotional offer? What is going to peak people’s interest? You know by now that people are visual beings, and video is the preferred ad type for all social media channels. Do you have the creative that clearly communicates your message? Whether it’s an explanatory video, a funny video, or promotional images, it’s important to create content that is cohesive with both your brand and ad messaging.

Honed Target Audience

Half the battle is creating the right message and developing supporting content – but the other half is reaching the right people, on the right channels, at the right time.

On each social media platform, including Google Adwords, you’re able to get pretty granular with targeting options. The best part? Most digital platforms (Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram) allow you to retarget your ads to people who have previously interacted with your brand’s ads and website, if you’ve added the right tracking pixel to your site.

A tracking pixel is a piece of short code that gets added to your website to track your customer’s online behavior. Then, the data from the session is recorded and stored in the pixel. For example, if a user clicks on your ad, then adds the product to their cart, but fails to check out, the code will allow you to remarket the exact product they were looking at to them in their social media feeds. You’re able to stay in front of them based on how they interact with your ads and/or your website.

Keep Your Social Media Channels Active

It goes without saying now that it is critical to keep your social media channels active. Customers are conducting research all the time online. They’re comparing similar brands, products, and services to determine where they’ll make their final purchase. Social media plays a key role in their journey. It’s a touch point, and even a customer service tool. Several people use social media to reach out to companies to ask questions, voice concerns, and “feel” the experience of the brand. It’s important your channels are up-to-date, feel authentic, and are cohesive with your tone, personality, and overall branding.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t necessarily have to be on every single social media channel available. Commit to a couple of channels your target audience frequently uses, and master those.

Maintain Your Website

If you’re putting together an offer or promotion, update your website’s home page! After all, you’re sending people there and want to make sure your messaging and creative is consistent. Update your header image, include your most popular video, and create a banner image that is visible no matter where your customer is on the website.

The holidays are a busy, chaotic time. Take the time and resources into making sure you’re maximizing your sales opportunities and staying in front of your customers through digital marketing.