You’ve got a great website – now what? Do you need to bring in leads? Convert sales? Increase sign ups? Raise awareness? Our crafty, digital experts know just how to fuse creativity and strategy to reach your business’ goals and marketing objectives.

There are a lot of moving pieces with any marketing campaign – and digital is no different. From initial planning, design, through implementation and management – our digital marketing experts understand the complexities of every campaign to carefully execute and deliver powerful results.

We don’t like overwhelming surprises, and we have a feeling you might not either. Here’s what you can expect when considering a digital campaign:

Initial Consultation. Our digital marketing lead will chat with you to learn more about your brand and business goals for this campaign. We’ll provide some insights and brainstorm some fun ideas with you so we have a general idea of what the campaign will be structured.

Strategy & Planning. Yeah, we like to be a little spontaneous, but we know the importance of having a solid foundation to build upon, too. We’ll create a micro-strategy that defines the campaign in its entirety.

Design & Creative. You’re going to need landing pages, ad creative, email campaign needs, and more! We’ve got in-house designers and copywriters that understand your brand and the campaign’s entirety to create advertising masterpieces.

Implementation. You remember those amazing designs we created earlier? Time to start implementing them. We’ll create and launch your campaigns across the selected channels, and make sure that all the tracking is set up right.

Campaign Management. Hooray! The campaign is launched, but perhaps the most critical piece is to proactively monitor the campaign’s performance and make adjustments as necessary to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible.

Reporting & Communication. On a consistent basis, you can expect reports and touch-bases to review and discuss the campaign performance. You’ll never be out of the loop on your campaign, we promise.

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