Your website needs a host server to live on. From domain names, images, text, and video to the code holding it all together, these servers are what store everything that makes your website a living, breathing part of the digital space.

We’ve partnered with one of the largest, most reliable web hosts in the world to provide an uninterrupted experience for your users and a secure foundation for your business. With data centers placed throughout the world, you can rest assured that if one server goes down, one of the others around the world will seamlessly continue to display your website.

If we are partnering with your company on a web project, we’ll discuss your hosting options with you to determine the best course of action – even if it’s not with us.

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Tim Lewis is the owner of Iron Springs Design and Website Design Phoenix. He's hired a great technical and design team to develop any online website or software project that you can imagine. Tim holds a BS in Computer Information Systems and his technology career spans 3 decades, including 11 years at Microsoft. He loves working on your websites and software projects!

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