Our Websites Are Always:
  • Easy to Navigate – Your site should always be built with how your users will use it. The navigation of your site should be intuitive, and virtually pain-free.
  • Gorgeously Designed– Websites need both functionality and beauty. We want to keep your bounce rate low and the amount of time spent on your site high.  We work with you to create a site that is brilliantly designed with images and video that clearly represent your brand.
  • SEO Friendly – Gone are the good ol’ days of stuffing pages with keywords. Google indexes you based on the quality of the information provided. The more relevant the information is for your users, the higher your site will rank in search engines.
  • Highly Functional – You can have a great site, but does it work the way your users need it to? From your header navigation to email sign-ups to your shopping cart, each function of your website needs to work, and work well. This could be the critical factor that either makes a sale or sends them to the competition.
  • Search Phrase Targeted – Initial, in-depth research needs to be done to determine which phrases visitors use to find your products and services. A list of search terms is created using a variety of tools to ensure your site is indexed for high rankings.
  • Local Search Optimized  – Users should be able to easily find you when conducting local searches. Through a combination of strategic keyword planning and relevant content, you’ll be sure to rank high in local searches.
  • Integrated with Your Marketing Needs  – We make sure visitors are able to sign up for your blog, RSS feeds and newsletters, so that you can stay in contact with them.
  • Highly Editable – We give you the tools you need to edit areas of your website with your computer, tablet or mobile device. When inspiration hits, you can easily update your website content at the click of a button.

Always Remember: Time is one of the key factors for a high search engine ranking, so it is important to understand that it may take several months for impactful results. There is a considerable amount of research, analytics, and fine-tuning your website’s content for a site to rank. Good, quality content, paired with strategic and analytical research will result in a big impact in the long run.