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Why is Website Hosting So Expensive?

Your website is the hub of everything. Really, let’s think about it for a moment. Regardless of how a customer discovers your company, they will visit your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business selling parrot accessories or an uber complex online retailer selling thousands of different products – they will find you.

When there are tons of cheap web hosting options, like GoDaddy, readily available – why on earth would you spend hundreds, or even thousands on hosting your website? Isn’t this just a place for your website to live?

Let’s dive into the core components of hosting, and how they differ when managed by a cheaper hosting alternative, and a dedicated host:

Cheap Hosting Space vs. Dedicated Hosting Space

Think of cheap hosting as a dormitory, and dedicated hosting as having your very own place. When you’re in a dorm, you’re cramped, constantly bumping into your roommates, and it’s much easier for your things to disappear or get stolen. Not to mention, you’re limited to your surroundings. When you’ve got your own place, you make the rules – you’re in control and your things are more secure.

When you’re on a dedicated server, you’ve got more freedom, more privacy, and you’ve got more control over your own security, what you can store – and you’ve got plenty of storage. If there is a security breach, it’s easy to clean up your site, get it up and running again, and keep it from being flagged as “hacked” on Google. (No one wants to get on Google’s naughty list)

When you’re on shared hosting, your information, customer information, and all that lives on your website is on a shared server – making it easier for hackers to get into. And if there is a major security breach, it’s difficult to pin down the right point of contact to get the help you need to bounce back.

Site Speed

On cheaper web hosting platforms, you’re sacrificing speed. This could be just fine if you’re simply hosting a library of your beloved pets, but when you’re an online retailer in an increasingly competitive market space, this could be the ‘make or break’ factor in a customer’s decision. According to web surveys, people visiting websites expect them to load within 2 seconds. After 3 seconds, almost 40% of visitors will abandon the website – and after that, it just gets dismal. You’re losing customers if your site is loading slowly.

Monitoring & Pre-Active Alerts

With dedicated servers, your web development team are able to get alerts as soon as your website stops functioning. The faster you know about your problem, the faster you’re able to get it resolved or prevent further damage.

Though some hosts will notify you when there’s an issue, they won’t offer a solution, let alone work overnight or quickly to resolve it.

Reliability & Recovery

When you’ve got a dedicated host, your site is stored on several servers. This means that if one server goes down, there will be backup server farms with hard copies of your site that will pick up the slack until the main server is functioning again. This prevents any hiccups in your site – and ultimately, loss of potential sales.

With cheaper hosting options like GoDaddy, their backups are unreliable when it comes to regular backups. If there is a backup made, they’ll even often times charge users to access backups – even if the problem is caused by the web host.

Technical Support

Having a point of contact is critical to your website, especially if and when things go wrong. By having a dedicated web host, you’re able to contact them, and they’ll take over communications with the host directly, instead of running around in circles trying to find the right contact.

With cheaper hosting options, customer support can be a pain, and often send you on a wild goose chase, or worse – waiting days for a resolution.

Domain Ownership

One perk of having dedicated web hosting is being able to seamlessly configure Gsuite or Outlook accounts with custom domains. With cheaper hosting options, you typically have to pay an additional monthly or annual fee per email address.

Owning multiple domains is a business asset your company should always maintain ownership of and protect. One thing to keep in mind is that domain ownership is listed publicly. When you’ve got a dedicated web host, your development team is able to maintain ownership of a domain, to protect your own personal information from being displayed.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes down to it – it’s always the smarter choice to protect a core component of your business. Though a dedicated web host is a smaller investment, you can rest assured knowing that your website will be protected, remain secure, have dedicated support, and always be running smoothly for your customers.

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